Helpy 1.1 brings a load of new ticket features

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Today we are announcing our 1.1 release, which builds on the Awesome Helpdesk features announced in 1.0 with some really powerful new ticketing and discussion management capabilities. Here is what is new:

Uploadable logo: You can now upload a logo for your help system using the settings interface. Note- this only works with the new native file storage, not with Cloudinary

Capture raw email: If you forward emails into the system, it can be helpful to be able to review the full text of the original email, with forwarded sections intact. This lets you do that.

CC and BCC a reply: You can now set additional addresses to CC when replying to a ticket. These addresses will receive a copy of the response written by the agent.

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Flag Public Posts for Review: Gives your users the ability to flag objectionable content in the public community for review by system admins.

Make Topic Subject editable: Allows you to edit the subject of a public discussion or private ticket, simply by clicking on the name in the admin interface.

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Split ticket/discussion: Adds the ability to split a ticket thread into two. Simply select the “Split” option for the reply you wish to create a new discussion.

Change ticket author: Adds the ability to change the author of a ticket (or post).

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