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Anyone who has reached adulthood has had to deal with the dreaded phone queue wait.  The seemingly unending period of time where you are stuck listening to bad meditation music that is occasionally interrupted with a “Thank you for waiting, your call is important to us.”

Only someone who has been on the other side of those calls can understand how hectic it can be. Hang up on one call only to have three more waiting.  Every customer complains about the wait, and has a dozen questions because they do not want to have to call back again.   Even the fastest typist can sometimes find it difficult to stay caught up on detail tickets.  There are things that can be done to help speed up the processing of support tickets.

1.     Searchable drop down menus. 

Filling out the initial portion of the ticket during the greeting.  Keying in the customer’s account number, name, and other pertinent information connected to what the client is calling about. Have dedicated fields to each of these with a list stored in the back database. That way the field autofill’s after a few letters are typed.  If it is necessary to be specific about product type, then make sure that all words in the fields are searchable.  For example: Acme Computer Software Billing Processing should be searchable by Billing.

2.     Keyboard friendly layout:

The fewer times a customer service rep has to take their fingers off the keyboard, the faster they can type.  Make sure your helpdesk software has the ability to tab quickly between necessary fields. By having consistent drop downs, allows for better search-ability of tickets. This also allows the Customer Service Reps to have accurate tickets faster. 

3.     Fill in the customer’s question as they are asking them.  
It is not necessary to type word for word. Just summarize the question, and if necessary, number them.  This will enable the Customer Service Rep to keep track of what issues the customer has brought up. This will also give a reference point when going back and looking at customer history to see what issues they have been having. It will also help highlight clients that need additional training.
4.     Linked KB articles to solutions. 
This will enable the customer service rep to copy/paste the solution to the ticket. Thus preventing the need to type out a detailed solution. This will enable the customer service rep to give accurate directions to the customer and ensure that the ticket reflects what the customer was told.
5.     Quick Ticket options:
If there is a hot topic issue that customers are calling about, set up a quick ticket that employees can select. This will fill out the product, subject, and resolution consistently.  This way the rep only has to take the customer information for the ticket.  In cases using quick ticket options, wrap-up time can be reduced to under 1 minute, making it possible for the Rep to switch to available and take the next call.  


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