10 Customer Service Skills You Must Master

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Customer service plays a major role in any business setting by ensuring that all queries raised by consumers are addressed in full and to their satisfaction. It is, therefore, important to have support staff with proper customer service training and a strong desire to help others. The following are skills that are vital for customer service staff:

1. Effective listener

You will need to be an excellent listener to completely understand the needs of a customer in order to come up with the right solutions. If you are talking to consumers face to face, you should let them know that you are really listening to their issues by using body language like nodding, using facial expressions and making eye contact. You should also ask relevant questions on issues that you do not fully understand.

2. Clear Communication

Having clear communication with consumers will help you to fully understand their concerns, decide on the best way of addressing them and clearly explain the solutions. This will help you to stop wasting time in trying to clarify the same issues, and you will also be assuring the customers of quick, accurate responses. If you are chatting or using emails, use simple language and avoid grammatical errors.

3. Patience 

It is common with customers to seek assistance when confused or frustrated and dealing with them can be a bit challenging. These are situations that will require you to have patience, and you can effectively use your skills to help such persons calm down. This will then help the customers to communicate their problems clearly, and you will have some easy time solving their issues. Having patience will also help you to keep calm and avoid frustrations. 

4. Time management 

This involves allocating the working time you have in a manner that will help you attend to most of the customers’ needs and still do so effectively. You should learn to tell when you’ve done enough for a given customer and be willing to delegate responsibilities where you are not well suited to offer the right solutions. Smart planning and proper customer support tools will help. Research help desks that allow you to order and track your progress on solving customer issues. 

5. Empathy

In dealing with consumers, you should learn to listen to what they say and then determine how they feel. It is by understanding their emotional state that you will be able to clearly visualize what they are going through. This will, in turn, make it pretty easy for you to provide them with the exact solutions they are looking for. 

Among the great customer service quotes is one that says that, “Customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” 

6. Product awareness

Customer support staff should have rich knowledge on the products and services offered through their outlets. They should be well informed on matters like purpose, availability, quality, prices, how they work, similar products, deliveries, strength and limitations among others. This will boost your problem solving skills and improve consumer satisfaction. Learn to delegate issues that you can’t handle. 

7. Persuasive 

There are numerous consumers who use customer services to learn more about particular products and a little persuasion can easily convince them to make purchases. It is, therefore, important to master the art of persuasion by employing simple tactics like addressing customers by their names and using active voice instead of past tense. 

8. Positivity 

A customer can create a positive or negative perception towards you or your company depending on the language you use. Choosing your words wisely and using the right tone will help to convey information in a way that will leave the consumers feeling satisfied. If the customers are unhappy with your products, try to focus on the benefits of such products and provide solutions that will help to win back their confidence. 

A quick tip is to put a mirror near by and watch yourself as you talk to your customers. This will allow you quick feedback on the tone you are providing. If you look frustrated and annoyed, it is detectable on the phone. The same goes for when you appear upbeat and happy. 

9. Multi-tasking 

Even when you do not want to, you will often find yourself handling a number of tasks simultaneously when working in customer service. You may be handling a telephone call, replying to an email and taking notes at the same time. This calls for excellent skills in multi-tasking to manage such situations effectively and ensure that consumer satisfaction is not compromised. 

10. Keeping an open mind

It is wise to invest in self-improvement to ensure that your skills remain relevant even with the changing needs of consumers. You should be willing to learn new things because even if you don’t, someone else will, and you may not like it when other people become better at what you do. 

Picking up books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” have been extremely valuable in developing my ability to communicate with people.

By mastering all the mentioned customer service skills, you will surely be among the best in the support industry, and this will contribute immensely to the business or company you work for.     

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