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Do you love to wait in lines? 

If you're like most people, I am guessing that answer is no. 

Well the same goes for your customers. Whether it is waiting for that product they ordered or waiting for someone to help them out, it's easy for them to get annoyed with your company if their wait is deemed too long. That’s one of the reasons Amazon decided to offer 2-Day shipping on as many items as possible. 

Another example of companies trying to reduce customer wait time is what Disney implemented years back with their Fast Pass technology. Disney did this to help reduce wait times for their customers allowing them to enjoy more of the amusements offered in the park, presumptively leading to a better overall customer experience. 

What does this have to do with customer support? Well, have you ever called or emailed a support line only to be put on hold or the dreaded “expect and email in 24-48 hours for your resolution”. This is the worst especially with mundane tier 1 support items. 

What if you could offer a fast pass to all of your customers? Get the ones that are remedial and mundane in a different line vs. the serious items needing a more hands on solution? Well this is one of the reasons we built Carin, the most affordable support agent ever. 

Carin is a customer support agent designed to handle nearly all of your tier 1 support items. These items consist of issues like:
  • Why won’t my order go through
  • Why can’t I log in
  • How do I reset my router (etc..)
  • Simple “How to” questions are her specialty

She can comb through any of your manuals or knowledge bases and be up to speed in minutes. Also, any time she doesn’t know something, she will prompt you to teach here. This makes her the easiest support agent to train week in and week out. 

With Carin as your front line of customer support, she will provide a couple of benefits. First, lowering wait times; removing the remedial tier 1 support items from your que. The second benefit is having your support agents working on real customer issues that require additional critical thinking. This help lower burnout and gives them a greater sense of purpose in their role and for their company.

Lower your support Queues and try Carin out today! 

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