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One thing that really annoys me is when I hear “Please enter your account information to help you support rep be as helpful as possible” and then the support rep asks me for all of the account info!

Seriously, don’t waste my time having me enter everything if you are just going to ask for it after the fact. 

This is frustrating and seriously mundane for support reps as well.

“Was that 5”
“No it’s 9” 
“It’s fine”
“No, I said 9”

You go back and forth until you have all the basic account info and then you are able to get into the actual issue. Then your ticket close time starts to creep up, not because you couldn’t solve the issue but, you had a back and forth on their stupid account number. 

That’s one thing that’s nice about Carin. She can verify account info and have the agent off and running in a matter of seconds. 

If you want support, chat with carin first then we will give you a call. 

This helps expedite the customer experience getting them off the phone with a solution in hand. You lower you time to close tickets, reduce agent frustrations, and ultimately get through support items more efficiently. 

What does all of this mean in the end? It means higher customer support satisfaction and lower support costs. 

That’s what we are about here at Carin

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