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One of the main metrics that always comes up is cost per ticket. What is our cost per ticket? Why is it so high? Can’t we work quicker through these issues? Why are our agents dealing with these issues? 

Customer support is always seen as a cost

Listen, we get it. Customer support is always seen as a cost center and the first department where cuts are made. Is it fair, not in my opinion but, that’s for another day.

$13 for B2B companies and $7 for B2C companies

According to Harvard Business Review Article: Kick Ass Customer Support, Ticket costs can be as high as $13 for B2B companies and $7 for B2C companies. That is a big number when you look at the high volumes of tickets companies continue to turn out. What is more surprising is most people would rather not have to reach out to an agent. 

All over the place, people are choosing self serve options everywhere they can. You check-in for flights on your phone. You can order delivery right to your house. You can even go to mcdonald’s and order from touch screen kiosks bypassing the counter! 

At the end of the day, people are searching for those self serve options. Over 80% of people would rather get to a solution without talking to anyone. 

Using this research, we decided to build Carin. The chatbot to help lower your customer support costs in the first month. 

Once she is live, she can access your entire knowledge base instantly and if anything comes up that she doesn’t know, she will store it for later so she can be trained. 

Not only is the most affordable agent you will have, she will be easily trained. 

If you are serious about helping your customer support team lower your costs, you’ll want to take Carin for a spin. 

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