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The Future of Support has Arrived... Meet Carin.

Today I am excited to tell you about something (or someone) we are very passionate about here at Helpy and have been working on for many months.

We are on Product Hunt this morning if you want to just jump to the good stuff:

Her name is Carin, and she is an AI chatbot that you can start using TODAY to drive your customer care costs radically lower. Carin can autonomously answer up to 80% of incoming support queries once she has been taught the basics, all with a single JS snippet added to your product, service or website.

She doesn't take breaks, works 24/7, and won't quit.  Guaranteed!

Here is what she looks like in action:

To celebrate, we have also released all new plans to better serve you, including an all new plan that won't cost you a cent, for life.  This means you can get going with Carin today without needing to spend a single dime.

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1000 Stars!! We made it!

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Helpy 1.1 brings a load of new ticket features

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Helpy is 1.0!

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