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Carin - The Real "Support" MVP

4 Ways Carin Changes the Support Game

1. Handle Tier 1 questions and issues

Once she learns about your product or service, Carin will be your top tier one rep, successfully resolving 50-90% of customer questions.  She has the ability to go deep and uses machine learning to go well beyond simply suggesting knowledge base articles.  She can even be connected to external APIs to answer really tough questions like “Where is my order”.

She has the ability to go deep 

2. Streamline agent interactions

Sure Carin is great at handling most tier one inquiries autonomously, but she can also make your human agents far more efficient by getting basic information from customers before your human agents step in.  As a result, time to close drops, first call resolution goes way up,  and agents are able to handle 2-3 times more tickets per day.

 time to close drops, first call resolution goes way up

3. Deliver a better customer experience

The days of forcing customers to spend hours searching knowledgebase articles or waiting for a response from customer support are over.  A big source of frustration among customers is the shear amount of time it takes to get in touch with someone. 

With Carin, that wait is eliminated and customers are able to resolve their problems instantaneously.

4. Significantly reduction cost per incident

A recent study by Harvard Business Review pegged the average cost per incident for B2B tickets at around $13.  For B2C tickets the cost was slightly lower at $7.  Deploying Carin to handle tier one questions and conduct basic pre-ticket troubleshooting can drive substantial cost savings per incident as she knocks down 80% of tier one issues..

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