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Reaching 1000 stars was an early goal of the Helpy open source project, and today we hit that milestone, completing the journey in just over a year!
Today Helpy reached an important milestone, having received 1000 stars on GitHub!!  Hundreds (maybe thousands) of companies around the globe are using Helpy to deliver better support to their customers, in 19+ foreign languages.  I want to thank the 45+ people who have made contributions and suggestions, bug reports, etc. that have helped to make this possible!

In the last year we have been featured on ProductHunt twice, made hundreds of commits, delivered on a large part of our roadmap and accepted contributions from over 45 people.  We have also embarked on a commercial version of Helpy that extends the open source version with advanced features for larger businesses.  This commercial effort will allow us to continue to develop and lead the open source version perpetually!

To help celebrate the achievement, today we are releasing version 1.2 of our open source platform, and relaunching the Helpy blog with lots of great new content.  You will find posts on both Helpy and best practices for providing great customer support!

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Helpy 1.1 brings a load of new ticket features

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Helpy is 1.0!

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The Future of Support has Arrived... Meet Carin.


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