2 Way Ratings: They are More Valuable Than You Think

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Two way ratings, not only give the customer a chance to see if you are going to provide the quality service that they are looking for, but it also helps you know if the customer is going to be an asset or a liability. 

By using double blind, two way ratings a business can identify abusive, or chronically angry clients, and set in place processes and procedures that will protect not only your staff, but the rest of your clientele. It also allows you to identify highly valuable clients, and allows you to reach out and give those clients benefits and thank you to encourage them to come back.  

Five years ago, I bought a 125-year-old house off the foreclosure market.  The bones were good, but the building had seen a lot of neglect.  My family and friends tried to talk me out of diving in, but I had already done some restoration work before so I was sure I could take on this project.  I was constantly scrounging the internet and the local restore for period appropriate pieces.  As an internet customer I learned very quickly to look at the seller ratings before I bid for a product.  Would I get what I ordered, in a timely manner, or would my money disappear. I made a point of giving positive reviews to vendors that were timely with my purchases, not giving much thought to what reviews that they were giving me as a customer. Until…

I needed to replace the hinges for a door.  I had managed to find on eBay someone selling exact replicas of my hinges, but the seller did not have a buy now option. My replacement door had arrived, but the old hinges were so damaged they could not be reused as planned.  The auction had just started and was not slotted to end for another several days.  So not only was I going to have to wait for over a week for the auction to end, but IF I won, I was going to have to wait for shipping.  I looked at the seller’s rankings, and they were comfortably high, so in an act of desperation I messaged the seller explaining my issue, giving my offer, and asking if they would consider closing the auction early.  At that point there had been no other bidders, and my offer was within reason.  I got a reply a few hours later that I had won the auction.  The seller sent me a message stating that based on the reviews that I had received from my other purchases, he was willing to accommodate me, because he knew that he was going to get his money sooner rather than later. Turns out he had attempted to sell the hinges previously and never got a single bid for them. 

Jump forward a few years.  I had a friend talk me into trying to Uber for a bit.  As a writer, she raved about some of the interesting characters she got a chance to talk one on one with, that she normally would not have met.  My youngest had just graduated from high school, and moved out, so I was empty nesting.  Reluctantly I decided to try out.  My first night found me in a part of town, that I wouldn’t normally go into during the day, much less after dark.  I was very nervous, but my friend had explained that I could check the rider’s reviews, and decline a ride if things looked too weird.  In this case the rider had several positive reviews, so I took a deep breath and drove on to pick him up.   Out walks this rather large, harry, tattooed, leather clad biker looking dude.  I gingerly smiled and shook his hand when he climbed up into the front seat of my car.  We started talking and it turns out that Joe, was a widowed retired ophthalmologist, and was now living his dream. He had bought his first Harley Davidson at the ripe young age of 62, He now rode with the Patriot Guard, and BACA. Due to night blindness, he used Uber if he was going to be out during the evenings. I asked him about the neighborhood I picked him up at, and he explained that he had been visiting his brother-in-law for their weekly poker game that had been going on for almost three decades.  Had it not been for the positive reviews this customer had received.  I never would have picked him up and would have lost a sizable fair for the evening. On top of that I met a very interesting person, that I never would have come across. 

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, your ratings matter.  


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